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 Compatible upgrades:
Ambra Aptiva BladeCenter
e-Servers (i5 Series) e-Servers (P Series) e-Servers (p5 Series)
e-Servers (xSeries) Eduquest IBM Color Jetprinter
IBM LaserPrinter Intellistation Netfinity
NetVista Network Station PC 100 and 140
PC 300 PC 300GL PC 300PL
PC 300XL PC 330 PC 340
PC 350 PC 365 Series PC Power Series 800
PC Series 700 PC Server 300 Series (8640) PC Server 310
PC Server 315 PC Server 320 PC Server 325
PC Server 330 PC Server 500 Point of Sale Systems
Portable PS/2 Power Premier PS/2
PS/1 PS/1 Advisor PS/1 Consultant
PS/1 Essential PS/1 Expert PS/1 Investor
PS/1 PRO PS/1 Willow PS/2
PS/2 Server PS/2 Ultimedia PS/Note
PS/ValuePoint RS/6000 System i5 Series
System p5 Series System xSeries ThinkCentre
ThinkPad WorkPad Xstation